Who We Are

Lamworld Technologies (Pty) Ltd is an Engineering and Technology company that is 100% citizen-owned and based in Botswana. We are committed to supporting various sectors of the industry within the SADC region, in complying with international standards, and enabling global competitiveness. Lamworld Technologies offers technical support including calibration, testing, inspection, and maintenance of various equipment instruments and engineering systems. Since its inception in 2004, the company has achieved remarkable growth and established itself as a reputable service provider in the above fields.

Quality, Experience, Innovation, Health and Safety guide us in to being a knowledge-based institute has driven Lamworld for almost 2 decades of being a Conformity Assessment Body that scopes a vast range of services driven by its customer requirements. To date, Lamworld is in partnership with its Customers and Employees. The collaborations dictate continuous improvements which yield customer satisfaction at an acceptable level allowing us to compete in the global market.

Our Message to Industry

Ever hear the following? “If I can’t measure it, I do not know it,” or, “The reading must be correct — that’s what the meter is telling me”. These proclamations can all appropriately apply to the importance and criticality of having proper and routine calibration of your instruments. For a manufacturer/producer, safety and profitability are at stake here. Instrument calibration is like sharpening your senses. The single most important and fundamental component of a measuring system is the Instruments. These are the eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, fingertips, and toes of any measurement system.

Why attempt to make the product in your plant if you’re not absolutely sure your measuring objects are working to perfection. A program of periodic instrument recalibration can significantly increase the probability of ongoing successful production operations. Better yet, when the periodic recalibration process is well documented and cataloged, additional benefits are gained whenever someone, such as your Quality Assurance department or a governmental regulatory agency, wants to see documented evidence that you’re following a solid program of instrumentation care and feeding. When issues in your measurement system do arise, having documentation and a periodic instruments calibration program eliminates a major root cause of problems.

If your management system already has a well-documented Calibration Policy and Program, then congratulations; keep it up and follow it religiously. If your plant doesn’t, then strongly consider putting one in place, assign a champion like Lamworld Technologies to handhold your organization. Your operations might see noticeable and measurable improvements in uptime, consistency, profitability, and safety.


BUILD PARTNERSHIPS THROUGH CLIENTS: We adapt to our client’s needs and not consider them as just our clients, but long-term partners. Doing so helps to ensure that we deliver elegant services.

ADAPT FOR THE CLIENT: We go the extra mile to satisfy the client’s needs whilst shaping our team to be visionary thinkers.

CONFORM TO CONFIRM: We ensure that all our operations adhere to highly recognized international standards for the delivery of exquisite calibration services.

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